Buying Florida Keys Homes

This year will offer unprecedented opportunities for buying homes in the Florida Keys. It is an excellent time to buy distressed properties, many which are foreclosure sales (REO) or are in the process of foreclosure. Real estate buyers with strong credit, or cash, are in a position to take advantage of these situations. The average cost of buying Florida Keys real estate in 2011 is the same as in 2003. Home inventories are high and properties are being offered at reduced prices by motivated sellers, builders, auctioneers and lenders. 

Florida Keys Real Estate Market

All real estate markets are local by nature and, the Florida Keys real estate market has its own unique characteristics. A wise real estate buyer should understand the Florida Keys market before buying.  For current local information go to Florida Keys Real Estate Market Conditions.

Working as Your Buyer’s Agent

Our program for working with people buying homes is designed to make it easier to identify, negotiate and buy Florida Keys real estate at the right price. It is a seven step process suited for helping both an experienced and first time buyer. For details, go to Working with Real Estate Buyers.
In order for us to provide you with the full benefit of our knowledge when buying Florida Keys real estate, we prefer to deal with real estate buyers as a Single Agent and enter into an exclusive Buyer’s Agreement. As a Single Agent we represent a real estate buyer as a fiduciary. Most real estate brokers will represent you differently. It is easier and safer for them to do so. As a Single Agent we may not represent both the buyer and seller in the same transaction. For more details about how this is to your advantage, go to Single Agency.
A Buyer’s Agreement simply stated says that as a real estate buyer you agree that should you buy a home during a given time, and in a given area, you will use us as your exclusive real estate agent. For more details and to learn why this is a benefit to you, go to Real Estate Buyer’s Agreement.